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Dunsmuir Vacation Rental Tin Roof Cottage

Dunsmuir Cottage Rates and Fees
$95.00 nightly with a 2 night minimum stay 
$595.00 Weekly
10% Motel Tax
2 Queen Beds and  1 Queen Sleeper
Bedding, Linens and Towels Provided
$50.00 refundable cleaning fee
$100.00 security deposit refundable upon inspection
No Pets and No Smoking
Call for Availabilities
  Check ins are 3:00PM and check outs are 12:00 Noon
 Rates and fees are subject to change without notice.
Holiday Rates will be an additional 25%
Dunsmuir City Business License # 25343


Contact us:

telephone: (530)354-7995 or (530)342-6409 (Kathy)
*Call to verify cost total on rental agreement before filling out agreement. 

e-mail: kathylininger(at)dunsmuirtinroofcottage(dot)com

Please print out the form below to be used as the rental agreement (Printable version in link above agreement). 
*If you are planning to use any of the recreational items please fill out Release of Liability Form as well. Fill out, sign and send  payment in form of  personal check. Remember to call to verify costs. YOU will be filling out rental agreement with amounts. I will send you a signed agreement with directions and other finalizing information unless my agent is there in person to present you with the rental agreement.
Send signed agreement and payment to:

Kathy Lininger
630 Royce Lane
Chico, Ca  

email us

click for inventory sign off sheet

click here for printable rental agreement

*Rental Agreement  The term of this rental will not exceed 30 days duration.This is a Legally
 Binding Contract. If not understood , seek competent advice.

This rental agreement, made this______day of ________________201__. By Kathy Lininger of 630
 Royce Lane Chico California, 95973, hereinafter called LANDLORD hereby rents to the
 TENANT, ____________________________________________, the second story premises located at
5330 Shasta Avenue, Dunsmuir  California 96025. The Vacation Rental Agreement shall begin at 3:00PM
 on ______________________________________.
and ends at 12:00PM on ___________________________. And for such term the TENANT agrees to
pay____________for__________# of days or weeks stay. The TENANT further agrees to pay $100.00
 as a Security deposit to be held by the LANDLORD, it being understood that said security deposit
is not to be considered prepaid rent nor shall any damages claimed, if any, be limited to the amount
of said security deposit. The LANDLORD hereby notifies the TENANT that the LANDLORD or his
 agent will submit to the TENANT an itemized list of any damages claimed to have been caused
by the TENANT and return the entire security deposit less damages and other lawful deductions
 within 30 days after termination of rental agreement. The TENANT further agrees to pay $25.00 as a
 cleaning fee. The TENANT may choose to personally clean the premises; in doing so the cleaning
fee will be refunded provided the premises are clean and acceptable upon inspection.There are to
 be no pets unless negotiated, no smoking and no excessive noise or music in or about the
premises and no more than 6 people in the home. Any breach in this agreement will result in early
termination of the contract.Cancellations must be made 1 week in advance of reservation date otherwise
there will be a 25% (of total charges) cancellation fee imposed. NO REFUNDS for closed roads due to
 inclement weather or any other unforseen reason.We reserve the right to cancel the rental
 agreement in case of house emergency. In that event we will issue an immediate full refund
 and assist in making suitable arrangements for your lodging.

The TENANT agrees to pay the following applicable charges:

Rental Payment  $_______________($95.00/nightly or $595.00/wkly.)

Motel Tax          $_________________(10%) City Fee

Security Deposit $_______________($100.00) Refundable Upon Inspection Within 2 Wks.

Cleaning Fee      $_______________($50.00) Per 2 days to 1 week --Refundable Upon Inspection within  2wks.

Other               $_______________

TOTAL              $_______________

(Half or Total $______________________to be collected at time of reservation via U. S. mail or
 in person by requested date of __________________________________________________________.
The balance of total payment $_________________ is due via U.S. mail or in person in full and 
must be received by Landlord, prior to occupancy of tenants on or before requested date of ____________________________, 201__.
I, tenant,  agree to these terms, costs and conditions X_____________________ Date________________ (Tenant)
Tenants Full Name_____________________________________Address__________________________
Driver's License #___________________________ Alternate Ph.#_________________________________
Vehicle Information: Make and Model________________________ Year and Color___________________
License Plate Number___________________________________
Place of Business Address and Phone Number__________________________________________________
Landlord agrees to uphold and enforce the terms of this agreement.X_____________________________
An addendum which includes further instructions, property information, location
of Hide-A-Key for the property, guidelines, directions to the cottage,  policies, check
in/out procedures etc. will be included in addition to this rental agreement.This addendum will be sent
to you when payment has been rec'd in full.  This addendum includes all detailed,
pertinent information for tenant while occupying the premises. Portions of this said addendum may need
to be signed, checked off and left in the premises at time of check out.  

Inventory Sheet of Cottage Items is in the Cottage. To be checked off at time of departure:

                                                          Release of Liability

Full Name________________________________________________D.O.B.______________________________

(Each member of family or party must fill out a separate waiver. Parents or guardians must sign on behalf
of minors.) Please print out more forms if necessary.

 *Release of Liability Form
Liability Waiver and Express Assumption of Risk
Read and initial each paragraph

__________I, the undersigned, voluntarily participate in the recreational activities and the use of
equipment offered by Dunsmuir Tin Roof Cottage. I understand that Dunsmuir Tin Roof Cottage is
 a vacation rental which offers certain equipment for the use by its renters.

__________I recognize the element of risk in any adventure, sport, activity or equipment associated
with the outdoors, including but not limited to kayaks, canoes, bicycles, life vests, helmets, backpacks,
 fishing poles and fishing tackle, snow sledding equipment, tie downs, gold pans, water inner tubes,
 flotation devices, cooking bar-b-que and deck lounge. I understand the Dunsmuir Tin Roof Cottage
and its owners DO NOT represent themselves as having these or any recreational equipment in
professional or satisfactory working order or condition.

__________I am aware that my participation in these said recreational activities is physically
 demanding and potentially hazardous, involving risk of injury, disability, death or personal
property loss or damage. The risks include but are not limited to injury or fatality due to immersion
 underwater, impact with submerged or exposed objects in or out of water, slipping or falling, equipment
failure, collision with bicycle and vehicle, helmet failure, accident  or injuries occurring in remote
 places without medical facilities, sprains, dislocations, exposure to temperature extremes or
inclement weather, potentially dangerous wildlife, accidents while driving to and from activity
 site where equipment has not been secured properly, causing a  1st or 2nd party accident and
all or any other known or unknown risks.
__________I ACKNOWLEDGE AND ASSUME THESE RISKS, both known and unknown including
 those risks arising out of acts of negligence on the part of Dunsmuir Tin Roof Cottage and its
owners, and I wish to participate in these said activites. I state that I am free of any medical
condition that might create undue risk to myself or other who might depend on me in these

__________Acknowledging these risks and in consideration for being permitted to use the said
for injury, death, property damage or other loss that I may have at any time present or in the
future against Dunsmuir Tin Roof Cottage and its owners as a result of my participation in these
activities OR ANY ACTIVITIES INCIDENTAL THERETO, even if the claim is due to the negligence
 of Dunsmuir Tin Roof Cottage and or its owners. I assume full responsibility for all such damage
for such damage and loss. I agree that this assumption of risk and release shall bind my heirs,
 executors, and other legal representatives and all members of my family.

__________This assumption of risk and release shall apply to Dunsmuir Tin Roof Cottage and its
owners, its legal representatives, agents and family members.

__________I am aware that by signing this document I AM GIVING UP IMPORTANT LEGAL RIGHTS.

Print Full Name__________________________________________Date_______________________________


                                                       Cleaning Instructions

In order to recieve your $25.00 Cleaning fee refund, the following cleaning checklist must be adequately performed:

1. Sweep and mop kitchen and bathroom.
2. Sweep and spot wipe any spots on front or back deck and porch.
3. Vaccum living room and bedrooms.(Vaccum located in back bedroom closet.)
4. Clean toilet, bathtub, sink, mirror in bathroom.
5. Clean all dishes etc. Put away all dishes.
6. Ajax out kitchen sink, wipe all countertops and stovetop.
7. Clean out and wipe out refrigerator.
8. Damp wipe front room and bedroom stands.
9. Strip bedding and remake beds with clean linens from linen cupboard.
10.Put all dirty towels, rags and bedding in hamper on the side porch.
11.Empty all bedroom, bathroom and kitchen garbage containers and take out to main garbage
    located on the right side of the cottage marked with Silver Duct Tape on top. Please put new plastic
    liners in all house garbage recepticles. These are located in kitchen drawer.
12. If it is Sunday night , please put out the commercial trash container onto the sidewalk in
front of the cottage for the garbage collection.(White Duct Tape on your Trash Container-
labeled "Upstairs") All cleaning supplies, rags, mops, etc. are in the kitchen drawers, pantry or under kitchen sink. The house is small and it is easy to clean quickly.